Debugging your GraphQL server was never this easy!

Altair GraphQL Client helps you debug GraphQL queries and implementations - taking care of the hard part so you can focus on actually getting things done.

Creating environments
easily switch between various working environments (e.g. switching between local, staging and production environments)
Advanced schema doc search
provides a rich interface to conveniently search through your schema
File upload mechanism
use binary files as variables to upload them via GraphQL following the GraphQL multipart request specification
Automatic schema refreshing
automatically refresh your schema whenever it changes using the GraphQL Event Stream specification
Executing pre-request scripts
execute scripts to set dynamic variables before your request is sent
Import/export query collection
create and export collections of queries to share with other members of your team
Generating queries from schema
easily add a query or fragment from the docs into the editor without having to manually type the fields in the query
Multiple language translations
use Altair comfortably in your native language with several languages supported
Extensive plugin system
extend the core functionality provided with plugins that can do much more


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