Settings Pane

A settings modal is available in the app to allow you customize all the various aspects of the application including the theme, language, and styling options. The settings are specified in form of a JSON object. e.g.

  "theme": "light",
  "language": "en-US",
  "addQueryDepthLimit": 6,
  "tabSize": 5

The available options are listed here:

theme - Specifies the theme

Options include light, dark, dracula.

language - Specifies the language

The options are any of the valid language codes according to:

However not all the languages are translated. The available translations are English, French, Español, Czech, German, Brazilian, Russian, Chinese Simplified, Japanese, Serbian, Italian, Polish, Korea.

addQueryDepthLimit - Specifies how deep the ‘Add query’ functionality would go

You can specify any valid number here.

tabSize - Specifies the tab size in the editor

You can specify any valid number here.

theme.fontsize - Specifies the base font size

Default: 24

theme.editorFontFamily - Specifies the font family for the editors

Any valid CSS font family combinations can be used here.

disablePushNotification - Specifies if native push notifications should be disabled

Default: false

enableExperimental - Enable experimental features in Altair. Note: The features might be unstable.

Default: false

plugin.list - Specifies a list of enabled plugins (requires enableExperimental to be true)

Default: []